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The Eco Village Resort

Lino delle Fate Eco Village Resort is an exclusive accommodation which maintains untouched the identity of the landscape which surrounds it; the ideal place for those who seek quiet and intimacy, for those who wish to stop time, relax while in contact with pristine nature, for those who love both sea and lagoon, and for those who chose to admire some beautiful colours. It is a place dense with aromas, fully immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, surrounded by an endless horizon made of sea.

Lino delle Fate Eco Village Resort rises on a 250.000 sq. m surface of lush Mediterranean scrub. The beach is 400m away from Lino delle Fate. The resort is made up of 316 housing units, 26 of which are rooms and suite, while the remaining 290 are divided between 61 bungalow complexes. The flats are two-room- and three-room-apartments at ground floor, with ample patio and garden, elegantly furnished with local ethnic style elements. While enjoying your stay there, you can also choose to have your meals at our restaurant.

We purposely decided not to allow any cars inside the resort: on the clubhouse’s basement floor, near the pool, is a garage with 230 parking spots, while the remaining vehicles can be parked right at the entrance of the resort. After checking in, you and your luggage will be transferred from the reception via electric car.

There are also enough bikes to suit all our guests’ needs. Ecotourism enthusiasts and curious alike will discover a brand new way of travelling at Lino delle Fate Eco Village Resort, a simple and captivating environment where care and respect for nature and for other people is key.

A place where your gaze can wander into the distance, lost in the beauty of our landscape. The resort strictly follows bioreversible criteria, with state-of-the-art technologies for energetic supply: the main construction material is larch wood, and the heating of sanitary water supplies and the hotel’s air conditioning are realised via inverter heat pumps, which collect geothermal heat from the artesian well located 600 m below. The rainwater collected from the bungalows’ roofs is used for irrigation purposes.

Where did the name "Lino delle Fate" come from?

Our resort borrows its name from the “Lino delle Fate piumoso” (Stipa austroitalica), a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Gramineae family, cespitous and 30-40 cm tall, with panicle inflorescences surmounted by feathery awns of silver colour. It is a species exclusively found on the sandy coasts of the Veneto region, and it blooms during the month of May.

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